Vision 2010:

During coming years with continues efforts of trained scientific staff, we will be able to bring the yield and seed cotton at the level of best cotton growing areas of the world. The institute has evolved many high yielding cotton varieties i.e. CRIS-9, Marvi, CRIS-134, CRIS-467 and CRIS-121. One more high yielding cotton variety, CRIS-468 is in final stage to be released for general cultivation very soon. The Institute will pride research findings to Agriculture Extension Department for their implementations at growers level. The Institute will provide pre-basic and basic seed of high yielding , CLCV resistant and good fiber cotton varieties to seed corporation, seed companies, progressive growers and foundation seed cells. The Institute will conduct field days, exhibition, demonstration and survey to make growers aware of new varieties and to provide them doorstep services for their cotton related problems. The Institute will prepare videos, deliver lectures through Radio & TV Programs and publish booklets, broachers in local language, to make people aware regarding new developed high yielding varieties, judicious use of various inputs like fertilizer and pesticides and getting contaminated free cotton to meet the WTO challenges.

Mission Statement:

Make Pakistan stronger by growing more cotton through latest production technology.

Goals & Objectives:

Central Cotton Research Institute Sakrand was founded in November 1976, by Pakistan Central Cotton Committee with the mandate to evolve high yielding, early maturing resistant to insect pests, heat and drought cotton varieties that also posses long strong and finer fibre to meet the demand of National and International trade. It is emphasized that, improvement in cotton plant with respect to diversified traits is rather difficult and breeder alone can not cope with the task. Therefore, collaboration coordination of other subject matter specialists like agronomist, cytogeneticiast, entomologist, pathologist and physiologist is must.

According to our mandate the improvement in cotton crop has been made from time to time in view the requirements of grower, ginner, spinner and into a national and international level. The Institute has evolved high yielding CRIS-9, early maturing CRIS-134 and other varieties like CRIS pipe line. Our goal is to enhance the yield for unit area upto double then at present, through production technology cover Integrated plant restriction management (IPNH) and Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Targets to be achieved:

Evolving high yielding CLCV resistant early maturity  with good fibre cotton varieties to meet the challenges and Ginners, Spinners and Textile Mills.

Providing technical know-how to cotton growers of Sindh, Balochistan and rice growing areas of Sindh.

Keeping vigilant eye on new cotton problems like Mealy bug, CLCV, Burewala strain of cotton virus, stunting, wilting and reddening of cotton to minimized their hazards.