1. Study the cotton plant from botanical, genetically, pathological, entomological, physiological & chemical, and other relevant stand points in a coordinated manner.

2. Undertake research work on country-wide importance, handle problems of inter-regional nature and those which the other research organizations cannot adequately deal with, for developing in-house research.

3. Advance knowledge on the cotton plant reaction to environments with a view to have a better and fuller understanding of the mechanism of its life and yield building processes.

4. Identify problems of cotton growers and find out the remedial measures.

5. Provide education and training in cotton production to extension, research and teaching staff of government and non-government organizations.

6. Educate, motivate and transfer cotton production technology from research Institute to the cotton growers.

7. Provide training in cotton production technology to the developing countries.

8. Provide technical support to the Pakistan Central Cotton Committee in coordinating and developing a national program for cotton research and development.