List of Projects executed /operated during last 15 years at CCRI-Sakrand   
S. No.Project Name/EntitledYearStatus
1Balanced Nutrient Management for Cotton-Wheat Cropping System in Sindh.2001-2004Completed
2Genetic Improvement for Combined resistance to Pests and Stresses in Cotton2002-2006Completed
3Adaptation of Integrated Approach for Cotton Crop in Sindh.2003-2009Completed
4Managing Burewala Strain of Cotton Virus (BSCV).2004-2009Completed
5Etiology and Management of Cotton Leaf Reddening Malaise in Sindh.2004-2007Completed
6Biological Control of Major Cotton Pests Including Mealy Bug in Pakistan.2008- 2011Suspended
7Pak-US-Cotton Productivity Enhancement Project, NARC/ICARDA-Component.2011- to dateCompleted
8Better Cotton Initiative (BCI).2020- to datein Progress
List of Projects submitted by CCRI-Sakrand
1Screening and management of whitefly: a vector of CLCuV disease on cotton in Sindh.2014Submitted
2Develop management strategies for red and dusky cotton bugs: a serious threat to cotton crop in Pakistan2014Submitted
3Monitoring and Management of Bt resistance in cotton bollworms.2014Submitted